26 July | 20:00

Louis Laurain / Axel Dörner #335

Solo performance by Axel Dörner


Louis Laurain - Unique Horns

Solo performance for 3 trumpets, laptop, home-made amplification system et various resonating objects. Throughout the piece you might hear some live and pre-recorded trumpet sounds, field recording, birds, white noise, metal, saws, toads, sine waves, natural and artificial of jungle sounds...

28 July | 20:00

SCOPE presents: Mekas & Ailaviu / Olga Kozmanidze & Jo Ta #337

Mekas & Ailaviu - DISPLACEMENT

It is part of a process of tests on the decomposition of light applied to the video, with live tools. The improvisation works on the ambient music by Mekas.


Olga Kozmanidze & Jo Ta - AURORA

The work try to represent the meditation as a contemplation moment of spectral transformation. Present as audio and video deploying in real-time.


Event curated by SCOPE sessions

  • #movLab
29 July | 20:00

movLab presents: Claire Cote, Alice Nardi, Toby K #338

Claire Cote, Alice Nardi, Toby K - Experiments from movLab

We will present work in progress demonstrations from several of the projects developed through the monthly movLab meetup at Spektrum. Afterwards the audience will be invited to use the interactive technology and give feedback. We are keen to get feedback from people of all backgrounds.

  • #Sonic code sessions
01 August | 19:30

SCS #42

The Sonic Code Sessions aim to provide a time and place for self directed and collaborative learning + experimentation. If you would like to free yourself from the limitations that come with traditional music software, this is for you! We occasionaly do jam sessions and plan group performances.

05 August | 20:00

Rebecca Goyette - L O B S T A PORN

LOBSTAPORN is the sixth installation of an ongoing series of video and film screenings presented by EVBG. Featuring works by Rebecca Goyette.

11 August | 20:00

Fast277 (Wolfgang Seidel & Eliad Wagner) #342



Wolfgang Seidel - modular system based on the Buchla Music Easel / EMS Synthi A + externals

Eliad Wagner - eurorack modular, ribbon analogue synthesizer & 7 channel feedback delay


12 August | 14:36

Alfonso Pretelt + André Uhl #343

Alfonso Pretelt - Pataphysician Model



André Uhl - “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.“

The new live show by Berlin-based musician André Uhl. André combines the live interpretation of new and unreleased songs with real-time improvisation. He reduces his original tracks to their essence: selecting one haunting melody, one powerful bass layer, one arpeggio line, and connecting them to ad-hoc produced and improvised sound.

13 August | 20:00

RASK // Federico Foderaro #344

RASK collective and Federico Foderaro invite you to a performance night focusing on the coalescence of experience between the visual and auditory. 2 sets will be premiered; ‘Closer’ - a sound reactive dance piece by RASK collective and an audio visual set by Federico Foderaro.

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  • #berlin modular
14 August | 18:00

Berlin Modular 12

Berlin Modular aims to bring the modular synthesizer, the experience of building one, and it's luscious sounds to all people and aliens alike. We want to meet up with other enthusiasts to: build modular synthesizers, plan future events, share demonstrations and performances with.

  • #movLab
15 August | 19:30

movLab #17

Community meeting of the movLab - a place for researching ways to digitize motion and the human body and to make the data accessible for further use in VR, gaming, stage performance or art. 

23 August | 19:30


Learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

No prior knowledge required: curiosity, wanting to learn, asking questions is all that's needed.

Bringing your laptop or smartphone would be useful. CryptoParties are always for free. 

  • #VJ
23 August | 19:30

VJ open lab #2

A live space for visual minds and bodies.

VJ Open Lab offers the Berlin VJ Community a monthly meeting for inspiration, experimentation, and exchanging of ideas and knowledge in the live video field. Initiated by the VJ Women workshop group formed in Spektrum in spring 2017, VJ Open Lab is a collaborative platform without hierarchy that values joint efforts, partnership, and initiative. VJ Open Lab is open to anyone interested in live visual arts and Vjing. Beginners and visitors are also welcome to join.

Monthly program

SPEKTRUM co-organises a wide variety of media-focused events throughout the week, both guesting external collaboration as well as showcasing the work that has been realised in the communities running at our space, to open up the knowledge gained to a wider audience. Types of events include:

Live acts (audiovisual, sound art, dance, performance): During three weeks of every month we organise live acts - dance, audiovisual and sonic performances - where transdisciplinary approaches between hybrid genres and technological platforms such as programming, self-built instruments, body contortions, sensors and analogical artifacts are recombined in order to show original works.

Screenings: Our program includes nights for screenings of works from the fields of experimental video and documentaries, for which we offer an event room with a 5 meter high ceiling and a large screen (4m by 2.30m), especially well-suited for cinematic projections.

Solidarity: We are open to host events aimed at social causes. We are interested in working together with communities in areas such as health, body (dis)abilities, food/nutrition, open data, politics and urbanism.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in organising events at SPEKTRUM, or check our latest Open call.