• #Sonic code sessions
26 September | 19:30

SCS #46

The Sonic Code Sessions aim to provide a time and place for self directed and collaborative learning + experimentation. If you would like to free yourself from the limitations that come with traditional music software, this is for you! We occasionaly do jam sessions and plan group performances.

29 September | 20:00

AudeRrose / K Justka / M Knysak, M Ożóg #363

AV performance night with:

  • AudeRrose - rouge sang
  • Kasia Justka - der Zug
  • Mariusz Knysak, Maciej Ożóg – Ephemeral Interferences

Followed by DJ set at the bar with Mariusz Knysak, Maciej Ożóg

30 September | 19:30

D/B presents: Dronescape by Trevor Brown

This September at SPEKTRUM D/B Presents Dronescape by Australian composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and sound designer Trevor Brown. Dronescape is a microtonal durational live drone performance using a wide array of brass and wind instruments including baritone, alto, soprano saxes, bass, treble clarinets alto, treble flutes and laptop. 

01 October | 19:30

Ragnhild May & Stefan Maier / Kink Gong #364

Maier and May will perform a composition for self-made microtonal organs, modular synthesizer and spatialized loudspeakers. Drawing on the lineage of Maryanne Amacher’s Sound Joined Rooms and Iannis Xenakis’ Polytopes — that of architectural composition — Maier and May prioritize space as the primary parameter of their collaborative compositional work. This spatial interplay is paralleled by an investigation of various psychoacoustic phenomena, which evoke various perceptual spaces both in the ear (as in Otoacoustic emission) and the brain (binaural beating). Maier will also perform a solo improv set on modular synthesizer.

Kink Gongs performance quadriphonic zomia is trying to transform original recordings of zomian people into an experimental soundscape

  • #VJ
03 October | 19:30

VJ open lab #3

A live space for visual minds and bodies.

VJ Open Lab offers the Berlin VJ Community a monthly meeting for inspiration, experimentation, and exchanging of ideas and knowledge in the live video field. Initiated by the VJ Women workshop group formed in Spektrum in spring 2017, VJ Open Lab is a collaborative platform without hierarchy that values joint efforts, partnership, and initiative. VJ Open Lab is open to anyone interested in live visual arts and Vjing. Beginners and visitors are also welcome to join.

04 October | 20:00 - 22:59

Ismaera-I vomit on you by Buddha #365

Ismaera - I vomit on you by Buddha

I'm moving from my Intestine. My Intestine has all power and all emotion of true life. Intestine is the earth, Intestine is the universe. Dancing is a meditation. It is chaotic but meditate at the same time. So this is the Chaos Meditation that is exactly how human life looks like.

07 October | 20:00

Klangscheiben Modular Session 2 / AZA / d E #368

Sound art night with performances by:

  • Storlon, From Karaoke To Stardom, Fake Electronics, Demas - Klangscheiben Modular Sessions 2
  • AZA - /ɪkˈspanʃ(ə)n/ 
  • d E - Cognition 


Followed by DJ set at the bar by Celestial Herring, a Berlin based DJ, spinning tunes from post to wave. She has an extensive track record and she is a frequent performer at the scenes of Athens and Berlin.

08 October | 20:00 - 23:59

Achim Zepezauer+Jim Campbell+Korhan Erel #369

Achim Zepezauer, Jim Campbell and Korhan Erel -Tour D'electro

Artists play Berlin leg of their small Germany tour at Spektrum, where they will present solo and group performances. 

14 October | 19:00

Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad / Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider #373

Sirens: Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad (Berlin premier)

Sirens is a project which explores the aesthetics of information on sound. Initially based on multiple ways of analysis in various types of recordings, the project uses numerical and quantitative data from periods of economic panic and major stock market crashes.

Approximate Accuracy: Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider (world premier)

Approximate Accuracy is a hybrid audio-visual performance which borrows from modular audio and video synthesis techniques, adapting them with contemporary digital tools.

15 October | 19:00

Empire II screening night

EMPIRE II is an artist led satellite project, originally devised and curated by Vanya Balogh for 57th La Biennale di Venezia

This intimate, immersive film hub space will feature three chambers; beginning with an extensive library, engaging in film history and theory, curated attentively by participating artists from their personal book collections and intended for browsing and perusing; leading further on to a single screen darkroom, a pulsating digital heart, showcasing a sequence of 115 imaginative short films programmed to play on the continuous loop; and on to the final imaginary space, the Virtual Reality port which will evolve over time in collaboration with various artists.

16 October | 19:30


Learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

No prior knowledge required: curiosity, wanting to learn, asking questions is all that's needed.

Bringing your laptop or smartphone would be useful. CryptoParties are always for free. 

18 October | 20:00

Screening & Discussion: Womanhood, an Egyptian Kaleidoscope #374

Filmed in 2015 in Cairo, womanhood is an interactive documentary: an ABC on Gender. 15 Egyptian women - who have all been confronted to the question of Gender in their social activities - share their views on chosen words. This event will include a brief presentation of the project by the film director Florie Bavard, followed by a screening of 10 clips taken from the full interactive documentary. 50 minutes of video, 10 testimonies introduced and contextualized individually. Those perspectives will revolve around 4 chosen entry words: "Activism", "Gender", "Voice" and "West". The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film director and the audience present. 

15 November | 20:00 - 22:00

William Basinski: live in spektrum

William Basinski: a new composition

American artist, best known for his four-volume album The Disintegration Loops (2002–2003), constructed from rapidly decaying twenty-year-old tapes of his earlier music.

Monthly program

SPEKTRUM co-organises a wide variety of media-focused events throughout the week, both guesting external collaboration as well as showcasing the work that has been realised in the communities running at our space, to open up the knowledge gained to a wider audience. Types of events include:

Live acts (audiovisual, sound art, dance, performance): During three weeks of every month we organise live acts - dance, audiovisual and sonic performances - where transdisciplinary approaches between hybrid genres and technological platforms such as programming, self-built instruments, body contortions, sensors and analogical artifacts are recombined in order to show original works.

Screenings: Our program includes nights for screenings of works from the fields of experimental video and documentaries, for which we offer an event room with a 5 meter high ceiling and a large screen (4m by 2.30m), especially well-suited for cinematic projections.

Solidarity: We are open to host events aimed at social causes. We are interested in working together with communities in areas such as health, body (dis)abilities, food/nutrition, open data, politics and urbanism.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in organising events at SPEKTRUM, or check our latest Open call.