28 May | 20:30

D/B presents: Schneider TM and Pani K

Digital in Berlin presents an exclusive premiere performance by Schneider TM of his piece Mobilee: visual accompaniment will come from Pani K so this is sure to be an audio-visual feast for the senses.

Series curated by Dirk Markham

30 May 2016

MadeByUs #6

Community meeting of MadeByUs, a making community focused on artistic, DIY, and experimental uses of digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting.

30 May | 19:30

Computer art #3

Monthly meetup of the computer art community, where we discuss and present art made by coding: software art

31 May | 19:30

movLab #6

Community meeting of the movLab - a place for researching ways to digitize motion and the human body and to make the data accessible for further use in VR, gaming, stage performance or art. 

31 May | 19:30

LC Lab #10

Hands-on session of the LC Lab (Live Cinema Lab), a place for audio-visual experimentation. LC Lab is a community where audio and visual artists can meet, create and play new work together.

01 June | 19:30

DNL Deep Cables: Pre-Lab & Film screening

Pre-Lab Event of the 8th event of the Disruption Network Lab DEEP CABLES: Uncovering the Wiring of the World

Community get-together + film screening: 20,000 Cables under the Sea: The Internet and the Physics of Fiber Optics

06 June | 19:30

Artgames meetup 008

Artgames is a community of artists using game technology &/or game design to create artistic &/or experimental works. We get together once a month to present and support each others projects and discuss concepts related to interactive art in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, followed by general discussion over drinks.

13 June | 19:30

MetaMatter #2

Monthly meetup of the MetaMatter community: a laboratory of research and practice focused on transformations of matter. Anyone with a passion for learning to understand the possibility of matter as an available medium for Art and Science is welcome to join.

18 June | 15:00 - 17:00

ReConnect Communities table #3

SPEKTRUM communities come together to share what they have been working on and exchange ideas for cross-collaboration. Everybody interested in what is going on in our communities is welcome.

Date: 23 June 2016 to 26 June 2016

Exhibition #6: States of Matter

A journey into the elements, revealing light, vibrations and forces, makes us understand the dilemma of existence between micro and macro: our apparent distance fails by experiencing these works, rebounding the intimate relation to an inner cosmos impressed in everyone's imaginary. More information coming soon

Monthly program

SPEKTRUM co-organises a wide variety of media-focused events throughout the week, both guesting external collaboration as well as showcasing the work that has been realised in the communities running at our space, to open up the knowledge gained to a wider audience. Types of events include:

Live acts (audiovisual, sound art, dance, performance): During three weeks of every month we organise live acts - dance, audiovisual and sonic performances - where transdisciplinary approaches between hybrid genres and technological platforms such as programming, self-built instruments, body contortions, sensors and analogical artifacts are recombined in order to show original works.

Screenings: Our program includes nights for screenings of works from the fields of experimental video and documentaries, for which we offer an event room with a 5 meter high ceiling and a large screen (4m by 2.30m), especially well-suited for cinematic projections.

Solidarity: We are open to host events aimed at social causes. We are interested in working together with communities in areas such as health, body (dis)abilities, food/nutrition, open data, politics and urbanism.

Feel free to contact us through info@spektrumberlin.de if you are interested in organising events at SPEKTRUM, or check our latest Open call.