26 September | 19:30

MetaMatter #5

Monthly meetup of the MetaMatter community: a laboratory of research and practice focused on transformations of matter. Anyone with a passion for learning to understand the possibility of matter as an available medium for Art and Science is welcome to join.

26 September | 19:30

Berlin Modular - BASTL DIY session

Berlin Modular aims to bring the modular synthesizer, the experience of building one, and it's luscious sounds to all people and aliens alike. We want to meet up with other enthusiasts to: build modular synthesizers, plan future events, share demonstrations and performances with. For our first event we will be building BASTL instruments eurorack modular DIY kits together.

27 September | 19:30

LC Lab #13

Hands-on session of the LC Lab (Live Cinema Lab), a place for audio-visual experimentation. LC Lab is a community where audio and visual artists can meet, create and play new work together.

28 September | 19:00

Cryptoparty #206

Learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

No prior knowledge required: curiosity, wanting to learn, asking questions is all that's needed.

Bringing your laptop or smartphone would be useful. CryptoParties are always for free. 

28 September | 20:00

XEN Assemblage #2

The XenoEntities Network (XEN) will gather for a session that precedes the screening of Future my love which will take place the following evening.

01 October | 13:00 - 17:00

Workshop 'Machine learning for artists' with Gene Kogan

This workshop introduces the theory and application of machine learning for creative and artistic practice. It will focus on core algorithms used for parsing, visualizing, and discovering patterns in complex multimedia data, including images, sounds, and text. We will learn how to use neural networks to create real-time, cross-modal interactions for use in video and installation, as well as live music performance. We will also provide tools and code for clustering and visualizing large collections of multimedia. 

03 October | 19:30

Artgames meetup 011

Artgames is a community of artists using game technology &/or game design to create artistic &/or experimental works. Artgames 011 marks one year of art+games, thank you very much to everyone involved for making this community cooler than my wildest dreamz!

04 October | 19:30

MadeByUs #10

Community meeting of MadeByUs, a making community focused on artistic, DIY, and experimental uses of digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting. 

By this meeting we'll have almost all the pieces for the Lasersaur and 3D printers! Come check out the parts and help get the space ready for building our epic laser cutter!!

Monthly program

SPEKTRUM co-organises a wide variety of media-focused events throughout the week, both guesting external collaboration as well as showcasing the work that has been realised in the communities running at our space, to open up the knowledge gained to a wider audience. Types of events include:

Live acts (audiovisual, sound art, dance, performance): During three weeks of every month we organise live acts - dance, audiovisual and sonic performances - where transdisciplinary approaches between hybrid genres and technological platforms such as programming, self-built instruments, body contortions, sensors and analogical artifacts are recombined in order to show original works.

Screenings: Our program includes nights for screenings of works from the fields of experimental video and documentaries, for which we offer an event room with a 5 meter high ceiling and a large screen (4m by 2.30m), especially well-suited for cinematic projections.

Solidarity: We are open to host events aimed at social causes. We are interested in working together with communities in areas such as health, body (dis)abilities, food/nutrition, open data, politics and urbanism.

Feel free to contact us through info@spektrumberlin.de if you are interested in organising events at SPEKTRUM, or check our latest Open call.