25 February | 22:18


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"Enhanced sensing" is a conference and open-call aiming to create a frame for discussion on cognition and on human-technology interaction, particularly in relation to movement and sound. "Enhanced sensing" is a platform initiated by the Sentire project to exchange ideas and experiences. We welcome any proper investigation on the topic.



Sentire started as a performance series where proximity and touch events between the participants are transformed into sound, allowing a deep sensory experience. Sentire is now an ongoing cross-disciplinary research and it aims to develop an interactive sound system and a method that enhances cognitive sensory abilities of its users. Cognition is now considered a dynamic interplay of individual bodily and environmental processes, with the brain as a mediator of that interplay (Fuchs, 2011).

How can interactive technology (such as Sentire) contribute to this interplay and enhance human sensing? In which way can interactive technology develop cognitive sensory abilities? As part of our discussions, we are pleased to have different researchers who have experienced and investigated the work of Sentire with different approaches. The result of these studies will be presented at the conference:

  • Dr. Miriam Kyselo, Philosopher/Cognitive Scientist, Berlin Center for Knowledge Research at the Technical University of Berlin, founder of Inter-Self Lab;
  • Jun.Prof. Dr. Jin Hyun Kim / Assistant Professor, Systematic Musicology at Humboldt University of Berlin;
  • Marcello Lussana, PhD student at the musicology department of the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Open call

The main goal of these events is to create a platform for networking and shaping the community of people working in between music, arts and science. Motivated by this cross-disciplinary need, we are happy to announce an open-call for short presentations of projects or studies about human-technology interaction, particularly in relation to movement and sound. The call is addressed to a wide range of researchers and practitioners including academics, artists, musicians, dancers and movement researchers, cognitive scientists, philosophers, and inventors.



  • topic of the presentation has to be related to the theme of the conference “Enhanced sensing”: cognition, human-technology interaction, particularly in relation to movement and sound;
  • format of the project can be one of the following: presentation, screening, sound/audio work, installation, prototype, device, instrument;
  • participants will be invited to present their work in one of the two possible formats: a talk within the conference (no longer than 20 min) or displaying and presenting the project in the exhibition space
  • the presence of the author is required


Interested individuals and collectives may apply by filling and sending a form:

email address for application: hello@sentire.me
theme for email with application: enhanced sensing open-call

Deadline: 29 March 2018

Successful applications will be invited to present the project or study.

Please note: This conference is self organized and we are not able to offer a fee for your participation. We also don't cover production, accommodation, and transport costs. You will be granted a free entrance at the evening event and, if necessary, an official letter about your participation. Learn more on www.sentire.me.