01 January

Open call: Dark Society

BRUME - Michael Kugler & Sebastian Wolf (Dark Science exhibition, January 2017)


Curated by Alfredo Ciannameo

The media construct of Reality is something which is not easily approachable even through technological means of what is perceived, measured, and to be understood. The truth of a model, the efficiency of a system, our living together all encompass some hidden aspects that, by definition, are creating an obscure shadow which subtly influences and effects our visible world. The open call Dark Society questions artistic processes of building media works which unfold relationships with those ´hidden sides´ made available to us by looking at their extreme effects and consequences.

Even though sophisticated instruments in Physics are not yet able to directly observe phenomena such as dark matter or dark energy, we are still indirectly able to think and elaborate on the nature of these hidden forces of the Universe by measuring, for instance, consistent shifts of the light spectrum on celestial bodies. In the techno-imaginary, those dark dimensions see themselves expressed through extreme impacts such as human biological reconfigurations, proposed by the theory of Singularity, and/or the ecological collapse of our planet, predicted by the Anthropocene movement, building awareness fundamentally on the poetic of techno-apocalipse. Technophobia (or for some trends towards the desired distopic future) is plaguing the public imagination when experiments like the Large Hadron Collider risk producing a black hole that would end all of mankind as we know it.

Dark dimensions are increasing in many levels and becoming more perceivable proportionally a state of anomy within the complexity of scientific and technological possibilities opened up in the contemporary Society and translated in new loops of human-to-machine interaction.

Four exhibitions will be organized by looking at this main concept articulating different aspects complementary to one artistic question of obscurity in Science, Body/Identity, Technology and Environment which are interviewed realities funding our basic interface of Society. 

  • DARKSCIENCE: deadline 1 Jan 2017 Exhibition for Transmediale Vorspiel (26 to 29 Jan 2017)
  • DARKBODYDARKIDENTITY: deadline 20 Feb 2017 - Exhibition (17 to 19 March 2017)
  • DARKTECHNOLOGYDARKWEB: deadline 1 April 2017 - Exhibition (21 to 23 April 2017)
  • DARKHABITATDARKECOLOGY: deadline 1 May 2017 - Exhibition (ß to 11 June 2017)

Dark Society invites all artistic works questioning those hidden aspects through reflecting processes in the intersections of Science, Technology and Society that, when brought to extreme consequences, can create a tangible experience of their effects on our everyday life in terms of memory, informations, environment, politics/activism, body and habitat, sexuality and/or on our general but specific way to sense reality. The open call aims to collect projects approaching all technological media and type (such as installations, performances, screenings, lectures). Beside invitation, all the relevant proposals will be included in the open-call on-line catalogue. 

You can apply by sending your proposal including description of the work and AV-documentation to alfredo@spektrumberlin.de mentioning the subject Proposal: Dark Society