17 May | 19:30

Sabine Vogel, Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl, Korhan Erel #304

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 6-10 euro (up to your offer)

Electronics player Korhan Erel will present two formations in this evening of free improvisation at Spektrum. The first one is a trio in the making with Lan Cao and Gregor Siedl. The second one is a brand new duo with flutist Sabine Vogel. Time permitting, there may be a tutti at the end.

Sabine Vogel - amplified flute
Cao Thanh Lan - prepared marxophone, samplers
Gregor Siedl - clarinet, gamecalls and electronics.
Korhan Erel - electronics

Sabine Vogel focuses on sound and improvisation, using extended techniques both acoustic as well as electronic, creating a very personal contemporary language. Discovering and producing the unheard, the intimate, in relation to sound production, is her main focus of exploration. Recently she became more and more interested in site specific work, creating compositons and sound installations combined with live playing in natural environment. Her current projects are: ORNIS; an audio-visual Duo with British artist Kathy Hinde, LANDSCAPE QUARTET, an enviromental soundart project with Bennett Hogg, Matt Sansom and Stefan Österjö. She is a member of the SPLITTER ORCHESTER, a 24 piece improvising orchester, based in Berlin. Sabine Vogel has worked a.o. with Anthony Braxton, Arto Lindsay, Tony Buck, Jim Denley, Chris Abrahams, Alex Nowitz, Andrea Neumann, the Walter Thompson Soundpainting Orchestra. She has a teaching position at the University Potsdam.

Lan Cao is a versatile sound artist encompassing a wide range of stylistic influences, with repertoire from classical to contemporary and interdisciplinary works. She is an advocate of contemporary sound and has earned a wide range of ensemble experience in festivals namely Klangspuren with Ensemble Modern Frankfurt, Festival Ircam Paris@Manifest, Impuls Festival - with Ian Pace and Ensemble Klangforum Wien and Ultraschall Festival with Ensemble KNM Berlin, etc. She is also active in the experimental improvised scene, notably with project Osmosis at Strom Festival Cologne 2013, with Parallel Asteroid at FIME festival in São Paulo, with intermedial ensemble Auralisation at Festival Frischzelle Cologne, with the interdisciplinary ensemble Moment! at Festival Ankuft Neue Musik Berlin, at Musiklabor concert series in Cologne and Festival Kölner Musik Nacht, solo piano at Stadtgarten Köln, Loft Köln and at Festival Ad Hoc Köln, etc. With the electro-acoustic duo Parallel Asteroid, she has been touring in Germany, Japan and Brazil.

Korhan Erel is a Berlin-based sound creator who plays computer, electronic devices in improvisation groups, jazz and other genres.