25 March | 20:00

Jeremy Bernstein + The Empty Brothers - Formal Conduct #281

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 7-12 euro (up to your offer)

Audiovisual performance night with:

Jeremy Bernstein + The Empty Brothers - Formal Conduct

Jeremy Bernstein will perform his audio-video piece "Another Long Piece About a Famous Singer (Stardust)", featuring a young and somewhat granulated Frank Sinatra. The work explores the reanimation of the dead. A fresh composition, "Love Form N", for hardware with drooping voltages will round out the evening. 

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Jeremy Bernstein makes sound, video and software. Since the late 90s, his solo performances and video pieces have been performed and screened throughout Europe and North America. He has composed numerous electronic/concrete scores for theater and dance productions, and designed a variety of interactive video and sound environments for live performance events. He's based in Berlin, Germany.