17 July | 15:00

Feminine body: physical awareness and self-esteem

  • WORKSHOP  (3hours/1day)
  • Level: open to all levels 
  • Date & time: 5th of Oct, 15:00 – 18:00
  • Costs: 45euro 
  • Max number of participants:  10 people
  • Sign up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: federicadauri@yahoo.it

This workshop puts to the forefront the feminine body in its entirety in order to investigate its transparency, its fragility, its strength, as well as the pulsation that animates it. It is designed for women with a desire to explore the topics of body-awareness, self-esteem, and conscious movements.

The goal is to establish a strong, conscious presence of yourself in your body and in relation to your environment; physically, emotionally, and energetically. Through a deep listening of the inner body a self-awareness is created that gives information about what a body is, what the body can do and how it can interact and build relations with others.

The class begins with a very deep stretch of the body through warming-up the meridians, exercises from the Butoh technique to awaken and explore all the parts of the body in a slow and deep flow, and a warming-up of the voice in order to liberate feelings and to conclude the warm-up of the body. During the first part of the workshop, the intensity of movements will increase gradually in an organic flow.

Using the floorwork technique, we will explore principles of weight, gravity, fall, and recovery in contact with the floor. The second part of the workshop will be directed toward a more experimental work, featuring exercises and games to introduce body contact between the participants, to stimulate fantasy and spontaneity, and to play with the self-image.



about the workshop holder

The main focus of Federica Dauri's work is the investigation of the body as a multi-functional tool, exploring pure body presence and movements that start from an internal and visceral listening. Further topics of her performances, installations, and movement classes are eroticism, carnality, pain, endurance, beauty, and ethereality.

Dauri started her formation studying ballet, contemporary dance, and choreographic composition at the National Academy of Dance in Rome. Subsequently, she studied in New York with the choreographer and artist Trisha Brown. Her creative work then focused on a critical engagement with the Japanese performance art Butoh, studying with Masaki Iwana, Akira Kasai, and many others, as well as Eurythmy, an investigation into rhythmical and physical vocal expression developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Dauri currently works as body artist, performer, and teacher, collaborating and exhibiting in galleries, theaters, and events across Europe. She is also on tour as a dancer with the electronic artist and singer Peaches.