03 June | 10:00 - 17:00

Processing, the next steps: PART II

  • WORKSHOP  (7hours/1day)
  • Level: intermedium
  • Date & time: Saturday 3rd of June, 10:00 - 17:30
  • Costs: 75euro 
  • Max number of participants:  15 people
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Who is this workshop for

This workshop assumes you have some experience with Processing. I will expect you know how to:

• write and run simple sketches that draw simple shapes to the screen.

• write programs that take mouse and keyboard input.

• write for-loops, if-conditions and use randomness..

If you have just started, please follow the videos at and experiment. If you are not sure if you know enough just send me an e-mail.





Workshop content

In this second Processing session we will focus in the following topics:

• Polar coordinates: how to have objects that move in a certain direction, how to smoothly change that direction, increasing or decreasing the motion speed.

• Symmetry.

• Painting with video. We will write painting programs that use video as source of colors and textures [1][2]. We will create live abstract video clips based on movies.

• Open Sound Control (OSC) - a protocol used to communicate programs and computers with each other.

Originally designed for sound purposes, it's currently used for any kind of multi-program or multi-computer setups that may or may not involve sound. We will use it to connect Processing sketches running in different computers, to make multi-player experiments and strange collaborative paintings. OSC can also be used to connect Processing to other programs like PD, SuperCollider, MaxMSP, VVVV and others.




About the Workshop Holder

Abe Pazos is a visual artist that uses math and programming to produce artifacts that behave and transform in organic ways. He is experienced in large projects such as "Thoughts of Rome", featuring an interactive immersive room with 63 displays and 6 months of development time.

Abe is the author of a world-renowned creative coding course and teaches at the Universität der Künste (University of the Arts), Berlin.