03 December | 10:00 - 17:00

Adobe Illustrator Intensive

  • WORKSHOP  (7.5hours/1day)
  • Level: introductory/intensive
  • Date & time: 3 of Dec, 10:00 - 17:00
  • Costs: 75 euro
  • Max number of participants:  12 people
  • Min number of participants:  3 people
  • Sign up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: irina.spicaka@gmail.com




Adobe Illustrator can be used by any designer, artist, technologist and design enthusiast. To know how to make complex designs, one has to start from learning the basics. Starting from the very beginning can be difficult.

Adobe Illustrator Intensive workshop is made for beginners — it aims to teach the basics. Through tutorials, tips and mini projects you will learn how to work on logos, icons and branding ideas, how to illustrate your artworks and build wireframes and layouts for apps and websites. It will benefit your design work and spark your imagination.

You will leave with the confidence to use a large number of tools in Illustrator as well as the interest and skills to go ahead and learn more. Bring your laptop and Illustrator CS6 or CC already installed (preferably the English version). Adobe offers a free 7 day trial version of Illustrator which can be used during the course. Session Overview We will dive into the very basics of Illustrator by covering user interface, vector graphics, document types and setup.

After that it is all about getting to know tools and palettes, drawing and transforming shapes, working with typography and pathfinder tools. We will touch some advanced features like layers, guides, making patterns and brushes, gradients and getting a feel for Illustrator effects and clipping masks. To wrap up the learning process correctly we will deal with image trace, art boards, and show how to properly export and save. At the end of the session participants will work on their own ideas and get help and inspiration for future projects. After the workshop you will:

- know the basics of drawing and layouts with Illustrator

- understand and know how to work with vectors

- know how to make different types of selections in Illustrator and how to keep your work organised

- create you own great looking icons and logos using the shape and pathfinder tools

- customise and work easily with the type tool

- save your artwork in appropriate format and size



About the workshop holder

Irina Spicaka is a Berlin-based UX/UI Designer experienced in Research for MVP, Competitor Analysis, User Testing, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation, Art Direction, Styleguide Design, UI Component and Kit Design for Apps, SaaS and Websites. As an Artist she tends to combine Design, Art and Technology to create Interactive Installations. Irina teaches Software skills, User Experience and Interface Design and organises Creative Coding workshops.