XenoEntities Network

XenoEntities Network is a platform for discussion and experimentation focusing on the intersection of queer, gender and feminist studies and digital technologies, rendered by Pedro Marum. It comprises of events with performances, screenings, talks and meetings fostering the emergence of a community and new synergies.

The programs revolve around themes such as Post- and Trans-Humanism, Object Oriented Ontology, Alien Phenomenology, Xeno- and Cyber-feminisms, Accelerationism, Cyborgs and Prosthetics, Surveillance technologies, Virtual Reality and the Algorithmification of subjectivities, amongst others.

Through the discussion of these topics, XEN intends to speculate about new forms of existence and explore the expansion of bodies and subjectivities within the digital realm. XEN is an open platform for anyone from any background who has an interest and curiosity in these topics or is willing to expand/corrupt/disrupt/explode them in a safe space.

If you want to participate or contribute, please get in touch.